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This is a historical account of the main known events in the Fort Gotten world. Our historical archive follows our kidz recorded stories, starting by the tales of the forest and later those of their newfound friends from The Mountains, the Ocean, and The Valley.

The First Arrival

No one really knows who was the first person to arrive at Fort Gotten, nor when they first arrived. All we know is that at some point, there had to be a first kid... or kidz. Legends vary from squad to squad, but little is known about the first inhabitants of Fort Gotten.

Apparently, no one really seems to be the first kid...

The Foundation

Anywho, whether there was a first kid or not, kidz did eventually arrive and scattered around Fort Gotten's various regions. As more and more kidz came into the world, the basic social structure surrounding our communities organically came to life: camps were settled, the four roles emerged, and BottleCapz started to be collected.

Before BottleCapz, there was a time when kidz used shiny stones for trading... but, with the arrival of the kidz of the forest and with the help of the Collector, more and more kidz seem to be using BottleCapz as the common token of trade.

The Kidz of the Forest

The First 200

Once upon a time, a pecial day came about where roughly200 kidz suddenly appeared in the Forest. Actually, as far as they knew, they may actually be the first kidz to arrive at Fort Gotten. By working together, they managed to establish three camps, which would prove to be the defining factor of their survival. Unknowingly, they adapted to the basic structure we have come to known in Fort Gotten, comprised of camps and roles.

The forest was dense, dark, and scary, so travel was mostly avoided unless absolutely necessary. Except by some brave scouts, of course, who eventually helped keep the camps communicated to certain extent; however, the farther they went from the camps, the harder it was to navigate.

The 2,000 Kidz

New arrivals became increasingly common in the forest. Inevitably, the population grew to an outstanding number of 2,000 kidz. In order to sustain the ever growing census, every camps had to grow and kidz had to reorganize their structure. Even as free-roam space became scarce, most dared not venture into the depths of the forest and opted to stay within the safety of their camps.

The First Visitor

Everything changed when they received their first visitor: The Collector. Before his arrival, the kidz of the Forest didn't know that a diverse and unexplored world lied just outside of their forest. And more importantly, they didn't know that they were not alone.

Upon the arrival of The Collector, their perception of the world opened up before their eyes. They discovered the outside world, more kidz, and more regions and camps to explore. They could only imagine what life could be like at a sunny beach, an icy cold mountain, an evergreen valley, and who knows what else!

With this newfound resolve, they joined the Collector in a venture to go out of the forest and explore the world.

Kid 46 & The Antennas

After some convincing, Kidz decided to venture beyond the forest, but they were met only by an unnavigable darkness and mist. Pushing through with the help of the Collector, they found something incredible within the darkness and mist... a pair of red glowing eyes and an imposing structure they had never seen: a massive antenna. They would later find out that this antenna was the source of the mist.

After some ingenious tinkering, they somehow managed to jam the antenna and stop the emission of the blinding mist. The mysterious kid they saw earlier, though, was nowhere to be found.

With this knowledge, they set out to search for the remaining antennas, hoping they could clear the forest from the ever-present mist, allowing them to explore the world beyond.

The Camps Beyond the Forest

After their remarkable effort, they were able to leave the forest! They jammed enough antennas to find a way out of there!

Following this path led by The Collector, they found their way to a mass of water unlike they had ever seen. The ocean, I think it was called. Luckily, the Collector knew a camp in the region, so they only had to hike down to the south until they arrived.

And thus began the kidz exploration of the Fort Gotten world, from The Ocean, to The Mountains, and to The Valley. Through their journey, the Kidz of the Forest joined the extended Fort Gotten society and made friends with kidz from all the camps they visited.

The Collector's Lost Items

After several exhausting journeys, their travels came to an end in Centro. The Collector seized the opportunity to hold an exclusive event in the valley, a special auction of sorts, where he would sell some of his most precious collectibles.

The event ran smoothly, and kidz from all around the world joined in on the bidding wars for some of the most unique items anyone had ever seen. Once the event concluded, most of the kidz decided to stay in Centro while the Collector delivered the goods. During their time at camp, the Kidz of the Forest made a great deal of new friends from all over the world! It is the most inviting region, after all.

Meanwhile, there was an unexpected turn of events. Something had happened.

The Collector was robbed! How was that possible? Who could have done such a thing... Well, it was now up to the kidz and their new friends to find out!

Following the Trail

The first stop was The Collector's tent. Whilst looking inside, they managed to find a lead; a small note pointing in the direction of Camp Buruka's surroundings. Naturally, the kidz followed the lead without giving it a second thought, and after exploring the outskirts of camp they found a strange building.

Without knowing what to expect, they decided to observe from afar. Day after day they would keep watch of the building and scout the region. However, they started noticing some movement. It seems that they had been spotted, and whoever this person was, they were sending signals asking for help. Instinctively, they immediately rushed in, only to be only greeted by a massive locked metal door.

Upon closer inspection, they noticed something by this strange entrance, a mysterious note laying nearby...

[To be Continued]

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