About the Project

Fostering a Creative Community to Co-Create the Fort Gotten World while enjoying art, puzzles, activities, roleplaying, and more.

🎯 Our Vision

Our end goal is for Fort Gotten to establish itself as a world-renown multimedia franchise (such as Marvel, Harry Potter, or Pokemon)...

We want to create an open and shared franchise built and co-created together with our community & holders. We are building an innovative brand that helped bring web3 and blockchain technology to mainstream users through storytelling, art & interactive experiences.

We strive to build a brand that inspires our community to be creative and allows them to reconnect with their inner kidz. We want to create an environment, resources, and tools to empower our community and enable them to experiment creatively.

We are not here to build hype or to have the biggest volume on the marketplaces, we are here to build and play the long-term game to achieve our vision. We are here to lay the foundations that will enable us to reach our goal.

🌍 The Fort Gotten Universe

A stage for stories to unfold and to create an environment where we can find and be our creative selves again...

Our day-to-day goal is to inspire and allow everyone to be creative again. We want to provide a setting to foster a creative community to co-create and build the universe through art, storytelling, roleplay, illustration, creative writing, and much more.

We also want to help this community develop this sense of creativity not only by giving them opportunities to create, but also through puzzle-solving, critical thinking, roleplaying, and more.

🎨 A Creative Community

We envision a community where creators are empowered, inspired, and also rewarded for creating in the Fort Gotten Universe.

We think of Fort Gotten not only as an NFT project but as a multimedia universe to be co-created with the members of our community. Fort Gotten is as much ours as it is yours. It is the land of inner kidz after all.

Fort Gotten was born as a creative escape, a universe where one could retreat and create... we hope it can be the same for you. We want Fort Gotten to become the setting you can use to tell your own stories, to paint your art pieces, to explore your creative side. We hope you can pitch your tent in this universe that is being shaped by everyone in the community.

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