$BottleCapz are still a work in progress, more details will be shared soon.

BottleCapz are the "coins" powering the Fort Gotten Universe and the basic foundation for any kind of economy within the universe. While most of the kidz live with shared goods and are far off from what anyone would call a "functioning economy", there are still some special occasions where BottleCapz are used to fuel trade.

This On-Chain Cardano token is the coin powering the Fort Gotten Ecosystem. It is an in-game currency used to interact with many of the systems and tools created for the project: Print a memory created on the Photobooth, customize the look of your kid, maybe get a special tattoo, purchase special equipment on a pop-up shop by the Collector, buy a unique collectible, trade for free using Trading Tent... the possibilities are endless.

We are working hard to create a fair environment to both earn and spend $BottleCapz in a multitude of ways, the last thing we want is for us to deliver a token that has no other use than it piling up forever in your wallet. As the project develops, so will the $BottleCapz and its uses.

More details will be shared about $BottleCapz soon.

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