Fort Gotten is a project constantly evolving, and there are always things in the works. While there are big things we want to achieve (such as a full feature videogame and an animated series) there are many things we are currently building to create a unique universe+ecosystem.

Recently we released a Fort Gotten direct to talk about the current state of the project, the upcoming mint, and what to expect after the mint. Take a look here:

Now, in a more traditional sense, here are the things we have planned for the project

👀 Roadmap — Upcoming

  • $BottleCapz Token

  • The Workbench (NFT crafting system)

  • Quests & Activities (Non-custodial staking & special activities)

  • The Remaster (Ep 0 & 1 visual update for Wardrobe cross-compatibility)

  • The Gallery & Activity Hub

  • Further Kid Cusomization (Tattoos, Hairstyle, etc.)

  • New Content Drops (Mythical Runes, The First Journal)

  • New Merch Drops

✏️ Roadmap — Planning/Prototyping Phase

  • Kid Profiles & Achievements

  • CREA toolkit (Collaborative project with ECMH for social impact, helping kids develop creativity in El Salvador)

  • Smart Contract-based Squadz

  • Fort Gotten Marketplace

  • Fort Gotten Stakepool

  • MORE content

  • Metaverse Galleries

  • Tabletop RPG System/Setting

  • Secret gamey videogame 👀

✅ Roadmap — Delivered

We have been building for over 2 years now, and we have explored many mediums, told countless stories, solved puzzles, roleplayed, built prototypes, and even built and shipped new products inspired by Fort Gotten. These are some of the things we've done:

  • Trading Tent

  • The Campfire (Holder's Hub)

  • The Wardrobe (NFT Customization)

  • The Phoobooth (Custom Profile Picture Maker)

  • The Vending Machine (Monthly Rewards, delivering since Oct 2022)

  • Drink & Draw IRL event

  • The Lab (Collaborative Drop: 3 Blockchains, 8 Projects, 800 Tokens)

  • CNFTcon Booth in Las Vegas (Oct 2022)

  • Squad System (4 kid groups & squad builder)

  • Digital and physical airdrops (NFTs & Physical Goodies/Merch)

  • Merch Store & Drops

  • Constant Content Creation (Comics, Graphic Novels, Audio, Interactive Stories...)

And so much more...

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