Project's History

In the beginning, there were 3 friends...

Fort Gotten begins not as an NFT project, but as a creative outlet for Sampo. From its creation, it was meant to be a universe all about creativity and the lost sense of creativity. It has always been a universe and a concept around which illustrations and further art pieces could be created.

For this to transform into an NFT project though, many things needed to happen.

The 3 of us (Sampo, Robbur & Arnecke) went together to the same University, though we were never actually classmates. While we kinda got to know each other there, it wasn't until we started playing D&D together that we really became a team, both in-game, as friends, and later as professionals.

As the 3 of us started working together professionally with different clients and personal creative projects, we also found out about the crypto space, and further down the road about NFTs. While working together, our projects ranged from video production, branding, marketing, and strategy projects for clients (and our own businesses) to having our own streetwear brand collaborating with local artists.

Then, as we finally got into NFTs, we knew immediately it was the perfect fit, and that it was something we wanted to pursue. Given our backgrounds and passions for creativity, art, and storytelling, we decided to take the Fort Gotten concept and idea and bring it into the NFT space.

We knew we wanted to do something different. Something beyond just another PFP-centered NFT project. A project with a focus not only on amazing and unique art, but also on community, interactivity, and storytelling. Stemming from that, we got to work to develop the main ideas around the universe: the kidz, the roles, different regions, and lore.

Once ready, we started to design and craft the website, social media channels, Discord Server, and finally created a plan that allowed us to slowly scale both the project and our commitment to it, and well... here we are.

Project Timeline — Our NFT journey

The Genesis: Episode 0

For us, the first drop was an experiment. We wanted a small taste of what was possible. A proof of concept, if you will. Just the three of us messing around, having fun, and creating the project and everything else we had always dreamt about.

While we already had developed the bulk of the ideas for the Universe, we decided to dip our toes first, dropping only 200 tokens, to begin with. To our surprise, they sold out immediately, which allowed us to fully dive into further developing the project and going full force into Episode 01.

The Beginning: Episode 1

Buzzing with energy and still ecstatic from our first drop's success, we went full force into Episode 1. We took on this challenge only by ourselves (the 3 of us) as we did not have a team by this point.

We decided to go all out, creating over 500 unique handmade assets for this first 2,000 kidz collection. It was definitely an adventure, and we learned a lot from it. It sold out in about 1 hour, which was completely unfathomable to us.

The Expansion: Episode 2

After Episode 1 sold out, we were able to finally assemble a team, and we started bringing some of our talented friends on board, having Fidel (3D Artist) and Defie (Illustrator) join the team. It was also by this time that we met Astro, who was a community member creating amazing tools for the project simply out of passion, which led to him joining the team and eventually becoming a First Kid (co-founder) and an integral member of the team.

With this new team, we set up to create the most amazing project we could, with fully realized 3D environments for the camps to be used as backgrounds, a face-lifted and cleaner art style for the kidz, and literally thousands of new assets for the whole drop, unique per-camp and regions assets, never seen before tools to interact with the project using your wallet, and much more.

Now, we continue building, constantly delivering and innovating the whole NFT space, and will continue to do so until we achieve our goals.

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