The Camps

Throughout the inhabited regions of Fort Gotten, the kidz who arrived began bundling up, forming some sort of settlements. ‍ In most cases, these settlements, known by the kidz as camps, would barely be considered “towns” for the untrained eye; as they’re comprised mostly of makeshift tents and basic infrastructure.
What people might not be aware of is that these temporary-shelter-looking settlements are actually the result of kidz witty improvisation and resourcefulness in finding the ideal materials and tools to build a permanent settlement that protects them from both the elements and the unknown. You can see how this is the case in even the most extreme regions.
Within the camps, you will notice the kidz have adapted to their environment and regional conditions, be that forests, icy cold mountains, or even deserts.
As it stands, there are currently eight known camps in the different known regions of Fort Gotten:

The Camps of the Forest

🤡 Jester(day)

The first of the camps in the forest. Located in the heart of the forest you'll find a small and basic settlement that was outgrown by its kidz growing population. As the first kidz came to the forest, they found what seemed like an abandoned campsite. Using the basics left behind as a starting point, it inevitably evolved to become one of the main camps in the forest.

🐊 Enola

Following a stream from Jesterday, the kidz found a riverbank that provided just enough space to settle a second camp. Exploring the vicinities of the river in the forest, they also found remnants of buildings and concrete structures. Using both the river and the ruins as the foundation, camp Enola was founded.


During the early days of the kidz of the forest, in one of their scouting missions, the kidz found an abandoned junkyard deep within the forest. The abandoned cars and ruins offered them an ideal structure, which they steadily built into a community by pitching tents and using the existing structures as an additional layer of protection against the dark, unknown elements of the forest.

The Camps of the Mountains

😺 Buruka

As the kidz finally got out of the forest and headed to the mountain, their first stop was Buruka, an abandoned candy factory built over a running stream coming from the mountain’s summit. There, the kidz of the mountain found the perfect shelter, big buildings with numerous rooms and plenty of old abandoned items, candies, and merchandise to make Buruka their own.

❄️ Otoco

As kidz continued their hike up the mountain, they eventually found Otoco. This camp was established at the summit of the mountain on some sort of abandoned complex made out of cabins and stone buildings. This camp is known for its incessant snowing and unforgiving cold. While the weather here is less than welcoming, the camp does boast a valuable resource: a natural hot spring; the same one that flows down to the abandoned Buruka factory.

🌵 Barro

On the other side of the mountain range, the humid and green environments turn to arid shades of brown. There, between rubble and the remnant of what seems to be some sort of ancient city, lies Barro: A counterpart to the summit, where unforgiving heat and sandstorms are the norms.

🏝️ Oola

As kidz moved to the east, away from the mountains and the forest, they’ll eventually reach Oola: a sunny, warm beach full of palm trees, coconuts, and a thriving community. The sea breeze grazing their faces, the smell of salty water, and the feeling of sand under their feet overwhelm their senses. Life by the water is different from any other region in Fort Gotten, so everything has this unique, local feel to it; from the masks to the accessories, to the tattoos.

The Valley

🌳 Camp Centro

The lush landscape seen from the mountain’s summit is the center of the land. As kidz near it, they run into a grassy plain full of ruins. In spite of this, the land is inviting and Camp Centro has become a great place for travelers to live within Fort Gotten. Because of this, Centro has become a trading hub, where kidz from all regions gather to trade, conduct business and learn about the camps that lie beyond.