Kid Squadz

While kidz are working together in the camps most of the time, sometimes there are special occassions where a group of kidz works remarkably well together. These groups tend to stick together for longer periods of time, and became known as Squadz.

To form a squad, you have to collect 4 kidz with a matching tileable background. Every location in Fort Gotten consists of 4 individual images that when put together side-by-side form a complete panoramic picture of the location (you can look at some of these in our section about Camps).

Having a squad not only gives you a special Discord role, but also gives you access to special rewards, and in the future maybe even access to special quests.

You can easily visualize your Squads using the Squad Builder in The Campfire. There you will be able to automatically see which kidz can form squads or which background parts you are missing to complete your next squad.

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