A Quick Introduction

Unlock the doors of imagination and step into the world of Fort Gotten
Fort Gotten is a next-generation art project powered by the Cardano blockchain.
Discover a deep and rich universe full of art and storytelling powered by a blockchain ecosystem unlike any other. A collection constantly pushing the boundaries of NFT & digital collectibles projects.
The project is comprised of 2 pillars: The Multimedia Universe & The Blockchain Ecosystem
By merging our unique universe with a team of talented lifelong artists and blockchain technology, we are able to deliver constant innovation to the Cardano NFTs space on every front.
Here are some of the things we've done:
The Blockchain Ecosystem
⛺ Trading Tent 🏕️ Holder's Hub
🎁 Monthly NFT Rewards
🪖On-chain NFT Customization
🪙 $BottleCapz (with actual use cases) ⚒️ NFT Crafting System 🎯 Quests & Activities 📸 Custom profile picture maker 🖼️ Personal NFT Galleries
And so much more...
The Multimedia Universe
📘Deep Storytelling Universe 📚Comics 🎨Graphic Novels 🎭Roleplay Sessions 🧩Puzzles & Activities 🧸Art Toys 🎊3D Collectibles 🌐Metaverse Ready Assets 👕Merch And so much more...
Our goal is to establish Fort Gotten as a world-renown multimedia franchise: an innovative brand that helped bring web3 to mainstream users through storytelling, art & interactive experiences.

Fort Gotten Essentials

The Campfire
Our holder's hub. The place where you will find all the tools and systems (monthly rewards, customization, quests, etc.)
The Vending Machine
Our platform to distribute monthly rewards to holders. Comics, 3D collectibles, metaverse-ready assets, equips, and more...
The Wardrobe
Our NFT customization system. Equip or unequip any item and update how your Fort Gotten Kid looks on-chain.
Our project's token. Special collectibles & equipment stores, customize your looks, craft new NFTs, and much more. (WIP, coming soon)

Main Drops & NFTs

The main tokens for the project are the Fort Gotten Kidz, which are inhabitants of the world. These kidz are also a representation of our inner kidz, and the Fort Gotten world is where they live.
Episode 0: The First 200 Kidz
200 tokens • 75 ADA • Oct 2021
A small pre-sale for the early community: the first kidz of the forest.
Policy ID: 9b35d07f0af338a2cf41a967fc568d55c494c9480fe6ec63c3bfc572
Episode 1: The Kidz of the Forest
2,000 tokens • 75 ADA • Oct 2021
The full drop of the kidz of the forest, the first region we explored.
Policy ID: 4e7d0d6db3ab5a7ffc58b42b2c7c9d21940cd8a8c2650865a51267e2
Episode 2: Beyond the Forest
5,000 tokens • 100-150 ADA • March 2023
Our latest drop exploring further regions and kidz of Fort Gotten.
Policy ID: 48ef9fb80a0ad2fd9f3d5b981ef3bfac2bae84137523217b387a775b

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Now that you know the basics of the project, feel free to dive as deep as you want into any topic... you will find plenty of information in this document 🪖