The Lab

By being an art-focused project, we love opportunities to explore different interpretations of Fort Gotten by collaborating with other amazing projects!

Currently, we have created 1 massive Collaborative Collection: The Lab.

The Lab is the biggest cross-chain collaborative collection in Cardano, featuring 8 of our favorite projects, not only in Cardano but also on Ethereum and Tezos. You can check more information about The Lab by clicking here.

Other Collaborative Efforts

While The Lab has been our biggest effort in terms of collaboration, we have also done multiple collaborative projects with other amazing projects in the community; and you can bet that more are on their way.

These are some of the things we've done in the realms of collaboration:

  • Fort Gotten x ADA Dolls Collab Drop

  • Custom Fort Gotten Artworks by local El Salvador Artists auctioned on Artano

  • Exploring CNFTs with Paperbag

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