The Roles

Every kid comes to Fort Gotten on their own, with nothing more than a couple of tools and their ingenuity. However, turning these camps into actual homes was no easy feat.

As time went on and camps began to thrive, kidz started joining forces; each one playing to their strengths and giving light to the community’s four main roles: Scouts, Clerics, Foragers, and Tinkerers.

Some kidz have a natural inclination for one of these roles, arriving in Fort Gotten with inherent skills or accessories that help them stand out among the rest. Others discover their passion and learn special skills as they go.

However, all kidz end up working together to create the best version of Fort Gotten. It’s nothing short of remarkable. These roles are nothing close to a formal “job” and kidz don’t consider it "work". Setting out to explore, building tools and trinkets, helping their community, and learning about the land’s food and resources come as second nature to them; and everyone eventually finds out the role they’re most passionate about.

These are the four roles that naturally occurred within every camp:

  • Scouts: Child-like curiosity fuels our Scouts. Without any fear of the unknown, these kidz explore what lies beyond the safety of their camp. Additionally, the scouts themselves also help to maintain order in the camps.

  • Foragers: Helping the camp thrive is no simple feat. Foragers seek out food and resources to aid the development of the community and ensure everyone’s safety and survival.

  • Tinkerers: Tinkerers make sure the camp grows and evolves. By focusing their efforts on building, researching, and developing new assets, they enable kidz to fully expose their sense of wonder.

  • Clerics: The backbone of the community, providing emotional, spiritual, and medical support to their fellow kidz.

Like everything else they do, these roles are a source of pride for Fort Gotten’s kidz. They’ll go out of their way and give it their all for the sake of the community. This camaraderie is what truly makes each camp great. Kidz can be sure that their squad will watch their back no matter what and vice versa. The bonds forged under this “structure” go far beyond what’s fathomable for most.

This child-like, fiery passion for building a world by kidz and for kidz is what makes Fort Gotten the most care-free, creative world where everyone can be safe. And most importantly, everyone can be free.

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