The Vending Machine — Monthly Rewards

The Vending Machine is a system to reward our holders on a monthly basis by giving them unique and custom NFTs and collectibles from the Fort Gotten World.

For us, this is an opportunity not only to thank our holders but also to keep creating in this amazing universe, go deeper into the lore/universe, or simply do fun artistic explorations: Comics, 3D collectibles, equipment, $BottleCapz, special badges, metaverse-ready 3D assets, custom illustrations, art pieces, and so much more.

How Does it Work?

✨ Every month, our holders can expect and claim a different set of rewards ✨

These rewards will be unique every month, both in form and in quantity, and will be given away based on different sets of criteria: from participating in activities or interacting on social media to the number of kidz in your wallet, squads, solving puzzles, or maybe even certain metadata traits such as equipment, camp or role.

We are even exploring the venue to do special partner drops, where you can get special rewards for holding other NFTs from other collections.

You will find the list of rewards and the criteria directly in the Vending Machine, but we will also publish the details on Discord, in the dedicated Monthly Rewards channel, so stay tuned to never miss your rewards.

All our rewards are time-limited! If you ever miss the claiming window for any set of rewards, you will not be able to get them again.

How to Claim

Claiming is super easy, simply go to The Campfire and click The Vending Machine. Once there, you will be able to see all the rewards available for this month and which ones you will be able to claim depending on the conditions.

To start a claim, just click "Claim Rewards" on the Vending Machine, then select the rewards you want to claim (if you have multiple rewards available, you will be able to select which ones and how many to claim), and simply confirm the transaction using your wallet.

Claiming rewards is limited to a maximum of 15 NFTs per claim transaction, so if you hold multiple kidz, you might have to do more than 1 transaction to get all your rewards.

Claiming the rewards is free, but we require a small 2.5 ADA fee (per transaction, regardless of the number of NFTs claimed) to cover the transaction and minting costs.

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