We are not looking to replace the excellent marketplaces out there, we simply want to make the Fort Gotten ecosystem as self-contained as possible.

The idea for making our own marketplace is not only to provide reduced costs/fees while trading Fort Gotten-related NFTs, but also to allow for greater and better integration with the project policy IDs, systems, and features, and to be able to implement special features (such as $BottleCapz or Tent integrations, for example).

As the project grows, so will the Policy IDs and the complexity of the NFTs, and having our own ecosystem will only allow us to provide a better Fort Gotten experience.

Additionally, as previously stated, in the future we hope that community-created content will be a really important aspect of the project. This marketplace should also serve as a platform to empower creators to monetize their Fort Gotten-related content and art pieces, allowing for easy selling, trading, or buying of any creation.

Naturally, as we currently have perfectly functioning marketplaces, this is pretty far down our priority list, and probably won't be coming in the short term.

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