Drops & Policy IDs

Main Drops & Policy IDs

Episode 0: The First 200 Kidz
- Supply: 200 tokens - Sale Price: 75 ADA - Drop Date: Oct 2021
Policy ID: 9b35d07f0af338a2cf41a967fc568d55c494c9480fe6ec63c3bfc572
Episode 1: The Kidz of the Forest
- Supply: 2,000 tokens - Sale Price: 75 ADA - Drop Date: Oct 2021
Policy ID: 4e7d0d6db3ab5a7ffc58b42b2c7c9d21940cd8a8c2650865a51267e2
Episode 2: Beyond the Forest
- Supply: 5,000 tokens - Sale Price: 100-150 ADA - Drop Date: Mar 2023
Policy ID: 48ef9fb80a0ad2fd9f3d5b981ef3bfac2bae84137523217b387a775b

Other Drops & Policy IDs

Fort Gotten Equipment
The Policy ID is where you will find all the equipment to customize your NFTs. Whenever you unequip an item your kid has, you will receive the minted NFT in this policy. And whenever you want to equip and item, it has to be from this Policy.
Policy ID: 33e59dcc1868d18da07fb12e47349f1f4ff3d6b931318c212eaee5c1
The Lost Files
In The Lost Files, you will find plenty of smaller drops and special content delivered to our community (monthly rewards, comics, metaverse assets, 3D collectibles, squads & backgrounds, activity keepsakes, illustrations & art pieces, and much more)
Policy ID: f8994926d99522f279f437533a3a32ab0dd434aa0dafbcd2e53cf8b2
The Lab
3 Blockchains, 8 Projects, 800 Tokens. The Lab is a collaborative NFT collection by Fort Gotten featuring some of our favorite projects from Cardano, Ethereum, and Tezos. This collection celebrates the NFT space, the artists, and the communities behind every project.
Policy ID: f8994926d99522f279f437533a3a32ab0dd434aa0dafbcd2e53cf8b2
A special in-universe drop discovered by our community after exploring the forest and discovering an old truck from an abandoned candy factory carrying sweets from ancient times. A sweet & cute in-universe collectible for your kidz.
Policy ID: 1792bc50a667703e812c1ff309ea9c76dc956cfa00357413b6358ba3