The Wardrobe — Customizable NFTs

In Fort Gotten, the traits of your NFTs are in your hands.

You can completely customize how your kid looks, on-chain after you mint them. Equip or unequip any item and receive it as an NFT so that you can sell it, trade it, or simply wear it on another kid.

Click here for a live demo of the Wardrobe. Or you can simply go to The Campfire and try it out yourself.

One of the aspects of NFTs that excites us the most is the possibility for them to be dynamic and ever-changing. In a digital environment, we are not as restricted as we would be in traditional art forms, so we can explore unmatched levels of interactivity.

Leveraging this, we have created a system that allows you to customize your Fort Gotten Kidz using Kid Compatible Assets to change how your kid-token looks on-chain.

This allows for a deeper and more personal experience, allowing you to truly embody your inner kid just as you envision it, further strengthening our focus on art and subjective value over a pure math and scarcity-based system.

How Does it Work?

Using a Fort Gotten Kid and The Campfire's Customize Your Kid System, you can both un-equip and equip any item your kid has. Whenever you unequip an asset, you will receive it in NFT form, allowing you to trade, sell, or buy them.

For equipping these Kid Compatible Assets, you need to hold these assets in your wallet. You can get Kid Compatible Assets through rewards, airdrops, special auctions, temporary activity shops, and special drops; among other ways.

Another way to get Kid Compatible Assets is to un-equip any assets your kid is currently wearing. When you do that, the asset will be removed from your kid and will be added as an NFT in your wallet.

All the customization transactions occur using the Cardano Blockchain. Because of this, a small transaction fee (Cardano Fees) will be charged for every customization transaction done by the user. Since we also need to mint/burn NFTs in these transactions, a small fee of 2.5 ADA is also collected for every customization.

For the moment, The Wardrobe only works with Kidz from Episode 02. Episodes 0 and 1 compatibility is in the works through the Remaster.

Kid Compatible Assets

Kid Compatible Assets are the foundation of the customize your kid system. All of these assets have a special look and are part of our Equipment Policy ID.

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