The Fort "Metaverse"

No, we are not selling digital land...

A Creative & Interactive Digital Universe

Now, first of all, let's clarify some concepts. We believe a Metaverse does not translate to selling digital land (as it has sadly become the norm in the space) but to a well realized digital ecosystem with different systems that work together to create an interactive and dynamic unique experience.

When we talk about the Metaverse, we are talking about the living and breathing universe that is Fort Gotten. An interactive blockchain ecosystem powered by The Fort Gotten Kidz, just like we described on the previous page:

An in-universe token ($BottleCapz); quests and activities; NFT customization; interactive digital experiences; lore, consistent storytelling, and world-building; co-creation activities; different artistic interpretations of the universe; an active and creative community; a vibrant economy, and so much more... That is the "Metaverse" we are building.

Now, let's be clear here, we love the idea of making Fort Gotten a "digital place" that is persistent and explorable online and we are building towards that goal (heck, all the camps are fully realized 3D environments). But before delivering an empty universe, we want to have working systems and a thriving community.

Additionally, we have also been working with "Metaverse Projects" to ensure the compatibility of our NFTs within those places. If you have claimed your rewards, you know that most of the time we deliver 3D collectibles that are metaverse ready for you to show off wherever you like.

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