The World

Fort Gotten is a world of forgotten inner children; a land full of mystery and wildly unexplored. A world where kidz are the only inhabitants, so no rules, no adults... only kidz and their unique sense of wonder. As kidz explore the land, they found vestiges of ancient civilizations: ruins of what seem to be cities overtaken by nature, full of partially crumbled buildings, abandoned factories, trashed cars, and much more. ‍ In this universe, somehow, the kidz survive.... even thrive, dare I say. They thrive through their creativity and unequivocal freedom to be themselves, explore, and express their true identity. They do that not only by scribbling, painting, or pasting stickers over everything but also by building trinkets that help them survive.

The Universe

While Fort Gotten is far from being a welcoming place, there is one thing our lost kidz will experience for the first time: complete and utter freedom. With no adults around, our inner children can finally express themselves freely and live up to their true selves without restraints.

Whether it’s scribbling, painting, building, cutting their hair, or setting out to explore, there’s nothing and no one there to stop them. In fact, this is what drives them. Creativity is in fact, the key to their survival.

All they do, the camps, the tools, the technology, the rules… it’s all driven by creativity: through creative thinking and problem-solving, through their resourcefulness with what they find lying around, and through playful explorations. That is indeed why most things in Fort Gotten share this improvised, handmade look… because it was, in fact, made by kidz and for kidz.

It’s hard getting used to it. This world, or rather this undiscovered universe, doesn’t play by the same rules we’re used to. Kidz doesn’t seem to age and time flows differently.

There’s still so much we don’t understand, but we have one thing straight. There are countless secrets left to uncover, and plenty of curiosity to be satisfied… the only thing left to do is search for the answers.

What’s Out There?

It’s only natural that once you find fellow kidz and you start working towards a common goal you won’t want to leave the safety of your camp. You’ll hesitate to wander too far off even though there’s nothing stopping you.

The Fort Gotten kidz are still children at their core, so child-like instincts still influence and drive most of their decisions. Things like having an inherent fear of the dark or the instinct to stick together and not wander off alone are just second nature to them.

Naturally, though, they also have a drive for adventure, and an insatiable curiosity, so there is a fine balance between the safety of their camps and their wish to explore, which is why some kidz are scouts or foragers and others are clerics and tinkerers. To each their own.

Together, though, they have started to explore the world, but these few discoveries have only fueled this feeling of uncertainty, strengthening the fear of the unknown.

Fair enough.

Remnants of ancient civilizations, crumbling buildings, abandoned cars, and cities in ruins don’t really inspire a sense of safety and comfort… but that is also the exact same reason why a few of the bunch get only a stronger drive for adventure and exploration.

While Fort Gotten is not a particularly harsh environment, it may be a different story for kidz! This is most apparent in the more extreme regions, like the cold frozen mountain tops or the arid deserts on the other side of the Fort Gotten Mountain Range.

However, we would be wrong to underestimate them. We know for a fact that against all odds, not only have they survived in these environments, but they have thrived. As more and more kidz find each other, they built camps, explored the different regions, and worked together to make life easier, more exciting, and filled with opportunities for adventure.

It’s truly outstanding to see how creative freedom can drive a few otherwise lost kidz into building functional societies that grow and develop alongside their communities.

Life Beyond the Campz

Life beyond your camp is vastly unknown, but some camps have been able to communicate with others. All camps have scouts that help maintain order and explore what lies beyond the safety of their perimeter. While most of them explore the forests, deserts, and mountains within their region, there have been a few exceptional scouts who have stood out, venturing between camps and exploring far beyond their land in name of research and knowledge.

On another note, camp life is not for everyone. A few select kidz struggle to keep up with the structure found within camps and ultimately decide to dedicate their life to adventure, traveling the world, and letting their hearts guide whatever comes next.

Who knows what they can discover, or what they have already discovered...

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