Our Team

Creatives, Creators, Collectors

A diverse team with years of professional experience in strategic design, storytelling, and media production. We are a group of passionate creators, collectors, and above all, artists.

As friends and colleagues, we have been developing creative projects as a team for many years now... merch, prints, art toys, you name it. What started as a core team of 3 friends, has now grown into a full-time, multidisciplinary team of 7 people working on Fort Gotten.

πŸͺ– Founders β€” The First Kidz

The way we do our projects is deeply collaborative through a shared vision and direction. While we all work on different things, virtually all we do has direct input from each other, and most of the ideas are bounced around until we come up with something we are truly happy with.

Sam Portillo (@sampo)

With a background in design and art, he is always dreaming of characters and scenery and transforming them into amazing and creative universes. In this project, he’s the main artist, the one who’s actually translating the ideas into digital (and physical) pieces of art.

Roberto Burgos (@robbur)

With a background in filmmaking and production, Toto is the one transforming the vision into an actual concrete project. Toto also loves getting his hands dirty with a bit of everything, so he’s also helping with the community, some behind-the-scenes tech stuff, and much more.

Carlos Arnecke (@arnecke)

With a background in communications and digital design, I’m the one writing and creating all this stuff up. Aside from copywriting and some creative storytelling here and there, I’m also the one behind our website, and most of the interfaces you interact with (UI/UX).

Horia Schau (@astro)

A passionate community member who evolved to become a partner and co-founder of the project. With a background in back-end and blockchain development, Horia is the developer of the project. He's the one actually developing all the tools you interact with, creating and crafting the complex systems that power our universe.

🎨 Team Members β€” The First Squad

Defie Mazariego (@defie)

A self-taught illustrator and well known graffiti artist in El Salvador.

Fidel Huezo (@fidelhuezo)

Self-taught 3D artist with a specialty in creating 3D assets and environments.

Fernando Pocasangre (@fernandoelpoca)

A marketing and content specialist with a passion for storytelling and writing.

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