Extended Universe & Co-Creation

The Fort Gotten Universe should not be exclusively built by us as the project's team. In our vision, it is a co-created world built in collaboration with our community.

We want everyone to have many ways to interact and experience the Fort Gotten world, not just through a single collection of NFTs. That is why since the beginning we have been looking and exploring different art forms and mediums to enrich the world and deepen the horizons of the artistic universe.

This will always be a core focus for us, and that is why we are constantly building and experimenting with new ways to tell stories set in Fort Gotten or to present new characters or sceneries. If you did not know, we started with a main PFP NFT Project but have also done audio explorations, merch, comics, custom illustration, 3D art, digital experiences, roleplaying, puzzles, minigames, short stories, and more!

Now, as the project further develops we hope we can take the community along in this world-building journey. Many of the things we have already done do include the community in some way... for example, the first comic is literally one of our quests on Discord featuring the kidz solving a mystery. We have also done special NFT airdrops based on community-driven interactions and integrated community-made artwork into the camp environments.

One of our main inspirations for this co-creative aspect is D&D, where even if there is one main narrator, the players actively participate in telling and shaping the story.

We are striving for a project that not only welcomes creators and gives them a stage for them to explore their creativity, but also a project that encourages and rewards these fan-made creations.

How that will come to shape is still a work in progress, but some of the ways we think it might work is through community-decided reward grants, monthly art/creative prompts, activities, competitions, an open marketplace for creators, a content hub for all Fort Gotten content-creations, and more.

While we are still shaping the foundation and system that will empower the co-creation aspect of this, we hope you can join us in exploring your creativity and help us shape the Fort Gotten universe!

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