NFT "Utility"

Let's start by stating that we are building an interactive universe with many interactive systems working together to build an experience unlike any other (check the overview if you haven't). We are constantly delivering innovation to the space, and we have already built many tools and benefits that deliver real value to our community and holders.

But before we go into more detail about those, we want to remind everyone that Fort Gotten is an art project. Art is utility. We were born as an art project and we will always be an art project, a multimedia universe to tell stories & to create. Again, art is utility.

We honestly dislike the mindset that whatever you collect is worthless if it does not meet your arbitrary definition of "utility". We are not here to build empty games using templates, we are not here to fill your wallet with millions of our tokens without use cases, we are here to create.

Now, with that out of the way, here are some of the things you can expect as a holder

🎁 Monthly Rewards

By simply holding Fort Gotten kidz, you are entitled to various types of rewards on a monthly basis. These can range from custom artworks and art pieces to $BottleCapz, to metaverse-ready assets, kid-compatible assets, 3D collectibles, comics or other forms of content, and so much more...

These rewards are dynamic and will vary depending on your holdings or different sets of criteria. While right now most rewards are simply based on holding, in the future we will also give rewards depending on engagement, content creation, special interactions, and more.The idea is to reward every holder, but also to give special bonuses to the most active community members.

🪙 Fort Gotten Token ($BottleCapz)

The On-Chain Cardano token powering the Fort Gotten ecosystem. An in-game currency used to interact with the different systems and tools created for the project (customize your kid, buy special equipment, change your hairstyle, craft new NFTs, trade using Trading Tent, and more...)

$BottleCapz are also used on our different activities, where you're able to trade them in for activity-related items, NFTs, and other Fort Gotten collectibles and memorabilia.

This is still a work in progress, as we are making sure we are creating a fair and fun ecosystem that rewards holders but also enables newcommers to enjoy the Fort Gotten World.

🎭 Customizable NFTs & Kid Compatible Assets Market

Remove, trade, sell, buy, equip, or do whatever you want with Kid Compatible Assets. In Fort Gotten you can customize your kidz and update how it looks on-chain.

Not only can you create unique looks and express yourself creatively, but whenever you unequip any asset you receive the NFT of your equipment, meaning you can do with it whatever you like.

This system will also tie into the bigger ecosystem, interacting with other systems such as the monthly rewards or the quests, meaning, for example, that you will be able to find equipment-based special quests or rewards.

🏕️ The Campfire

With all the systems and features coming to fruition, we have created a special hub that gives our holders easy access to all the tools related to Fort Gotten. A centralized place for all your Fort Gotten-related needs. Here are some of the things you can and will be able to do in The Campfire:

  • Claim your monthly Rewards

  • Customize your Kid using Kid Compatible Assets

  • Create Custom Profile Pics & Images using your Kidz

  • Explore all the Fort Gotten Collections

  • Visualize, Create, or Disband Squadz

  • Visit the Fort Gotten Marketplace

  • Explore your Fort Gotten Kidz & Assets

  • Visit the Gallery and enjoy Fort Gotten Content

  • Personalize your Profile and share it with the world

  • View your achievements & badges

🔐 Exclusive Access

Holding Fort Gotten Kidz grants you special access to a vast array of possibilities. First and foremost, Discord. When you verify your ownership with Discord, you get a set of custom roles based on what you hold as well as access to exclusive holder's channels.

Fort Gotten Kidz are also the key to the complete Fort Gotten Ecosystem. While you can participate in most of the activities without owning a token, holding a kid provides you access to The Campfire and all its systems, including monthly rewards, profiles, and much more.

There are also many drops that will be holder-exclusive, as well as custom merch, special collaborations, and unique content pieces; among other things.

Finally, we also have a special relationship with many projects in the Network, which allows us to share some special perks with our holders, such as whitelist spots, special rewards, and more.

🌐 Metaverse Ready

As previously stated, we do not have plans to sell digital land plots, but we are doing everything we can to make our project compatible with the emerging Metaverse Projects on the network. By creating both 3D avatars and fully realized 3D art pieces and assets, we want our project to be Metaverse-compatible to the furthest extent.

Many, if not all of our monthly rewards have contained 3D metaverse ready collectibles, and with our recent aquisition of vBlocks, we can't wait to see your metaverse spaces showcasing all your Fort Gotten related collectibles.

Besides Fort Gotten, our team is constantly creating different projects for the Network. One example of this is Tent, a trustful service that allows you to trade NTFs, Tokens & ADA in real-time with another user. Currently, by holding a Fort Gotten Kid, you automatically enjoy a 50% discount on the trading fee.

As more projects are created by our team (and trust me, there are more on the way), special benefits will always be considered for our holders.

🏅 Community & Creativity Rewards

As part of our co-created universe vision, we want to provide creators with outlets for them to experiment and be creative as well as reward them for their creativity and work. While this is still in the works, we envision a community-driven reward system where ownership and governance rewards can be given and distributed among the Fort Gotten Creative Community.

🌟 Activities & Events

With our ongoing mission to inspire creativity within our community, we are constantly developing and hosting a number of activities, ranging from interactive stories to puzzles, minigames,drawing sessions, roleplaying, or even IRL events.

Most of these activities are open to everybody. However, there are some special activities and rewards accessible only to holders.

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