We believe everyone is born creative, and this creativity is represented by an inner kid that grows with us in life. Sadly, as we grow up, we usually start losing our connection with our inner kid in favor of "fitting in" to modern society, where creativity is usually consumed by a mass-produced and automated world.

✨ Fort Gotten is the world where our "inner kid" lives

It's a universe governed and driven by creativity and curiosity. A world where only kids live, so they can give free rein to their wildest ideas and imagination.

🎨 Content Creation

To further develop this universe, aside from building a full blockchain ecosystem to power it, we are constantly exploring and creating new content set in the Fort Gotten World.

We have created short stories, graphic novels, zines, comics, interactive web-based stories, roleplay session-based storytelling, puzzles, illustrations, paintings, graffiti, apparel, postcards, 3D collectibles, metaverse assets, and much more!

We are currently building The Gallery, the single place where you will be able to enjoy all the Fort Gotten-related content and art pieces, but it's still under development.

Finally, we also love to see community-created content... so if you're feeling creative (or even if you are not but want to give it a shot), please be our guest!

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