Recurring Characters

The Fort Gotten world is filled with remarkable and unique kidz, but every once in a while, some special kidz will appear in the camps more than once. These are some of the kidz have come up more than once, and we might hear more from them in the future:

The Collector

A mysterious traveler that guides kidz in this uncertain, post-apocalyptic world. He wanders the realm collecting assets and tools, putting them up for sale to interact with the kids and help push them forward.

Kid 46 / Squad 46

Keep an eye out, as this shady character is the mysterious antagonist who likes messing with the kidz, confining them within their camps, and preventing them from exploring further areas of the Fort Gotten World.

Regarding this kid though, it is now known he does not operate alone, and apparently, there is a whole Squad 46...


One of the latest and most mysterious additions to the cast... a strange, eccentric, and crazy scientist kid running a lab in Buruka. From the little we have interacted with him, he seems really passionate about his weird experiments and getting to the bottom of any question he has.

By the looks of it though, he has been quite some time in Fort Gotten, and seems to know a lot about the world and the nature of the Fort Gotten world.


This is a kid with a passion for writing and one of the few known explorers traveling the world and trying to learn the secrets behind it.


Fort Gotten's best-known Art Collector! She's been working with different artists to explore the daily life at Fort Gotten and to make memories together. She is known to hold sales of unique pieces of work created from all over the Fort Gotten world.

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